Blues Dance Special Vol.1: Festival Time


Starts6:00 pm

Ends11:00 pm


Location125 Smith Street, Melbourne, VIC 3065 Australia 

Greetings to one and all!

Blues Dance Special it´s a new Sound System dance focused in the sounds of Jamaica from the 60´s to the 80´s.

The grand opening dance is this 6 of August, the same day of the Jamaican Independence Day at Grumpy´s

In this very special day we want to pay tribute to this wonderful music who put Jamaica in the map through jumpy Ska, classy Rock Steady, boss Reggae, deep Roots, obscure Dub and a few surprises more… Classics and rarities at 45rpm, no distinctions, just good music.

Save the date in your calendar!

Good drinks, nice music in a proper Sound System at a top notch venue with free entry, what else can you ask for on a Sunday?

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*************** IRIE FEELINGS ******************

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