Island Vibe Festival 2012


Starts12:00 am

Ends9:30 pm

Easy Stars All-Stars
Prince Alla (Jamaica) with Mista Savona
Cornerstone Roots (NZ)
1814 (NZ)
KingTide (Sydney)
The Strides (Sydney)
Ganga Giri
JPod (Canada)
The Upsteppers
Chant Down Sound
Rhythm Collision Sound
Mama Kin (Perth),
Lotek & Die Rude (Melbourne),
Fyahwalk (Byron Bay),
Bunna Lawrie & the Whale Dreamers,
Bankrupt Billionaires,
Blunt Instrument,
Sean Choolburra,
Pure Velour
Razed in Flames
Grim Tilla & The Diablo
1 Dragon 2 Dragon,
One Dread,
Tanuki Dub
Band Of Frequencies,
Ghetto Fire Sound,
Blaze Fire Sound,
The Rusty Datsuns,
The Leisure Bandits,
Hayden Hack Infusion,
CC the Cat,
Nick 1,
Tommee Balukea
The Mouldy Lovers
Yulu Burri Bah
Turanga Ake
Siva Mai Dancers
Q Crew
Bec Laughton
Selector Watson
Ice Cream Factory
Sunny Dread
Michelle Clifford
Muma Dukes
Midjimberry Road
Ofa Fanaika
Georgia potter
The Salt Lickin Hicks
Choon Goonz
Indigo Rising
Charlie Le Coq
Trouble Mekka
Yuin Huz
Andy Dub,
Tiger Lil.
Reggae Mike
Sunny Side Up

We are blessed to have made it to our magic 7th year and to have woven so many beautiful connections with the Stradbroke community, hosting a vast array of world class musicians, dancers, dj’s, circus cabaret, interactive workshops and healers with special thanks to all the wonderful people who have brought their love and good vibes to this gathering..

It is our intention to care for the culture with a mighty program of music, dance, ceremony and full respect to indigenous culture!

Environmental sustainability!! Be proactive!
Reduce, reuse, recycle, restore, replenish, remind, recover, resist, reveal, relearn, reassess, rework….
Buy local & come back to the basics, lead by example!

Tickets: Round 3 and individual day tix are available
For ticket bookings of 5 or more, a 10% discount is available at

Island Vibe Festival retaining its reputation as the absolute finest reggae, soul and dub event in not just Australia, but the entire the South Pacific.

Jah man, much love and respect to all!
See you on the Island xo