Tamo Junto – Brazilian Party


Starts3:00 pm

Ends10:00 pm

Come on folks; let’s be real here…

Serious researches found that “we are all fed up with the same bullshit we need to put up with every single f… day” (1969, N. So. Serious)

To convert this horrible statistics into a better and more meaningful day in life a bunch of guys from “Weirdland” also known as Brazil have established a day called TAMO JUNTO!
(We really hope that it one day will become a public holiday, but as it falls on a Sunday and we are all off, we don’t really care anyway.)

TAMO JUNTO Brazilian Party is a place where talking about work, love, politicians, annoying neighbor’s noisy complaints, not enough sleep, drinks or shit music is no longer acceptable… and we do make this possible by the top artists selection who will do it all for you!!! In a very pleasant way!

Felipe Camara and Marcelo Garcia will start the night with the acoustic and melodic guitar sounds of Bossa Nova and MPB so they can do all the love talk even before you think about your ex-loved ones. Wally, with his Hip-Hop tunes will go over the politicians and daily work stuff while Cazeaux Oslo will do a very funky and soul set to get you goin and shaking to the SAMBA-ROCK act by Maxx R.

WHEN: 3PM – SUNDAY – 03.04.16
WHERE: Penny Black – 420 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria 3056
COST: It will cost some time of your life! FREE ENTRY