Etana is known for her melodious and spirited sound; a sound which ignites an instantaneous and thrilling feeling to the listening ear. Her single My Manreverberates lyrics that are deep expressions of authentic love.

The release of her new video ‘My Man’ showcases another side of The Strong One. Laid on a sexy and rhythmic dancehall rhythm by DJ Frass, the lyrics ride effortlessly and the chorus hits the point dead on. Etana introduces the video ‘reaching out to all the man dem weh love dem lady’ and the moment she belts her first note we are convinced that her affections are genuine, raw, and heart-felt. A modern-day Lovers’ Rock feel to Dancehall is evident and the video displays the innate connection between Reggae and Dancehall. Every second of the video showcases the die-hearted desire to be everything and anything to ‘the’ significant other. Both couples in the video reflect different expressions of love and affection but each equally sincere and honest.

Etana’s skilful fusion of the sometimes seemingly distinct sounds from Jamaica, epitomises the unique and stylish nature of Jamaican music and her craft as well.

The video is a joint venture between Etana’s label Free Mind Music and Tad’s Record and is worthy of being added to your YouTube daily playlist. My Man is that lovey dovie element to Dancehall that we sometimes forget exists. Thanks to Etana we can contextualize once again our feelings with the music we love.