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There have been many covers of Adele’s 2015 hit ‘Hello‘ which have impressed fans and come close to the original. However, Conkarah and Rosie Delmah have put a completely new spin on the song and released a reggae version.

Conkarah is a Jamaican singer who is well versed in reggae. He has previously released fantastic covers of songs such as ‘Cold Water‘ by Major Lazor and ‘Versace on the Floor‘ by Bruno Mars. For ‘Hello‘ he brought 14-year-old Delmah on board to showcase her truly impressive vocals. The young singer has also covered ‘When We Were Young‘, again in a reggae style which works well as it shows the song in a different light.

Although it seems reggae and Adele wouldn’t go hand in hand, their cover of ‘Hello‘ proves otherwise. The video has gone viral with over 52 million views on YouTube alone.

You can check out Conkarah and Rosie Delmah through their socials below.

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