Show Me Da Way
Written by Reigan Derry
Music by Jia Lih
Production by Jia Lih
Vocal Production (LV) by Darlington Peters
Background Vocals by Darlington Peters
Dance Break by VANA
Edit DJ Jooce

Shaggy appears courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment / Brooklyn Knights

Video directed by Daniel Sabouné
Assistant creative director Lija Turner-Carroll of Pivot Studios
Choreographer Malaika Salatis
Assistant Choreographer Gloria Kolya
Dancers Malaika Salatis, Gloria Kolya, Alison Grenadier, Mael Noutsa, Thuba Ndibali
Featured Dancer/Contortionist Sylvia So
MUA (LV) Kayla Perez (Dancers) Julie Kei
Styling Kacy Vallencourt of Vallencourts + Tomorrows Tribe