Official music video for “Medication [Remix]” by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley ft. Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign.

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Stephen “Ragga” Marley
Your medication makes me high
Just be patient
I’m like a patient trying to find
Run your fingers down my spine
Your medication makes me high Eh!

Ty Dolla $ign
I fell in love with a sativa
Where you been
Nice to meet ya
It took so long for me to meet ya
Obsessed with ya features
You got all different flavors
You got that loud beat speakers
Your best friend Keisha
Know how to knock em out they sneakers
Like that Louis XIII but she nothing like my ex though
She remind me of gelato
Got me drinking out the bottle
She got me swerving on this shorty
Her name was indica
I tried to tell her I was sorry
She said that’s the end of us
But I can’t help but keep on rolling up
Medication keep me going up
Meditation come on breathe wit us
No ventilation keep the windows up

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
Such a short way up and such a long way down
Chalice it a bubble like we deh a Ray Town
Di way yuh sup’n nuff it haffi way by pound
Inna fields of Marijuana that is my playground
“I love you Mary-Jane”
You’re the prettiest of flowers girl mi can’t complain
When I’m with you I feel so high I rise above the rain
And yuh nuh do people damage like that bitch cocaine
And leave them lonely feeling only pain
Your D.N.A. is of the highest strain
Your effect is so potent it’s so insane
Yuh so gummy and sticky like a plasticine
When mi grind out yuh body only stems remain
And to love you is so risky I might get detained
You always keep me flying on the highest plain
And anybody know will always proclaim…

Wiz Khalifa
You so fire
You so fire
The only thing I think of
When I need to unwind
See I been go crazy
Cause you been on mind
And something is wrong
But to me it’s not a crime
You can take me places
Just look at they faces
Plus you’re so good
That some don’t know what your taste is
Dealing with you complex
Nothing bout you basic
You the real deal
I could never fake it
I fell in love with the indica
Ever since I was young
I been into ya
Even when you’re almost done
Don’t wanna finish ya
It don’t matter where you at
Imma pick you up
Yeah, Imma pick you up
And we in for a good night
Imma wrap you up real tight
And if things get dark
I give you a light
Keep it with me
You been on my mind all night
Cause you my


“MEDICATION REMIX” Music Video Credits:
Production Co: Scheme Engine
Director: James Larese
Executive Producer : Sheira Rees Davies
Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
DP: Sing Howe Yam
DP Additional Photography : Simon Thirlaway
Editor: Clark Eddy