Bridges Cultures on Amapiano/Dancehall Remix

Jamaican DJ and producer DJ Wade is making waves down under by fusing the hottest sound out of South Africa with his roots in dancehall and reggae. His latest release “Stickmen Toys Rock Amapiano Remix” is an ingenious cross-cultural collaboration that blends the infectious rhythms of the Amapiano genre with Wade’s signature Jamaican sound.

For the remix, Wade teamed up with Zimbabwean DJ/producer Terry Moyaz and Zimbabwean vocalist Tanaka Siziba to create a first-of-its-kind fusion track. Amapiano’s undulating basslines and percussive elements provide the rhythmic bed, with Wade and Moyaz layering reggae vocals, dancehall skanks, and dub effects on top.

“Both DJ Terry Moyaz and I have a certain respect for the steadily progressing Amapiano genre,” Wade explained. “We used that energy to create a definite hit remix by combining our unique ethnic backdrops and music styles to stand out in the dance genre spectrum.”

The original “Stickmen Toys Rock” was a smash hit for Wade in his adopted home of Australia, peaking at #4 on the country’s Independent Singles chart. But the Amapiano remix takes the track global, showcasing the connective power of music across cultures and genres.

With its vibe-inducing groove and innovative sound, the remix had already amassed over 500,000 streams. It marked an exciting step for the beloved Jamaican party-starter as he continued bridging his roots with the sounds of his new home region.

“This collaboration marked a celebration of unity, diversity, and the harmonizing power of music,” said Wade. “It beautifully unified the essence of multiple cultures through the rhythmic and unifying language of music.”